Differences in the Types of Adderall

Adderall comes in two varieties- the regular 30mg tablet and the extended release tablet, or Adderall XR. Choosing one or the other can make a big difference in how you take the drug. The overall effects are going to be the same, for the most part, but your dosing is going to differ. Both the contain the same ingredients, but they are delivered in different ways.

Generic Adderall

With the generic Adderall 30mg, you will have to take the drug several times throughout the day. Usually, a doctor will recommend you take it 2-3 times per day. Each dose of the drug lasts for about three or four hours. Once it wears off, you will have to take another one. You would not take one at night, as it can keep you awake. After all, this same drug is used to treat narcolepsy, and it can lead to insomnia in some people.

Adderall XR

If you buy Adderall XR, then you need to be aware of how it works and the way you should be dosing with it. It is a single dose tablet, which means you only take it once per day. Inside the tablet are small beads. Half of the beads will release as you take the drug, with the other half releasing later in the day. A single dose can last you for as long as 12 hours. Click Here buy ambien zolpidem tartrate online

The actual dosage you receive in each release of the tablet can be a little more than the generic Adderall 30mg, so those who take it need to be aware of the possible slightly increased side effects. If you buy Adderall XR, then you need to be aware of how it may affect you. If you have only ever taken the generic form of the drug, you may be surprised at the little differences in the way you feel.

Where to Buy Adderall

You can find both forms of Adderall online. It is preferable to buy the drug online, if possible. That will allow you to get the drug at a lower than normal price and save you a trip to the pharmacy. The added convenience of shopping online for a drug that will be delivered right to your doorstep is what makes buying Adderall online the best choice for most people.Buying Adderall online is definitely the better way to go. buy adderall 30mg online at www.buy-adderall.org

Buy Adderall

It’s easy to choose from a range of prices and see the exact description of each product you want to buy. There will not be any mistaking which form of Adderall you are getting when you have it displayed for you on the screen and you can look at the details of the product before you buy, so its pretty easy to choose where to buy adderall online

You can also shop anonymously, and you don’t have to answer any embarrassing pharmacist’s or doctor’s questions. You don’t even have to leave your home to get the buy adderall xr online Discreet and convenient shopping online is why so many people are buying their Adderall this way.